Avoid These Foods If You Have High Blood Pressure

Stay tuned till the end to know if you want to know if pickled foods are good or bad. Is it time to say goodbye to sugary treats and trans fat cheat meals? In today’s video we will be talking about all the foods every high BP patient should steer clear from.

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Lifestyle changes for managing high blood pressure –

Cut back on caffeine – 06:21
Lose a couple of pounds – 06:59
Quit smoking – 07:26
Practice yoga or meditation – 07:52


1. Frozen Pizza
Starting off our list with everyone’s favorite! Frozen pizza or in this case, regular pizza is also equally harmful for high blood pressure patients. All the ingredients and toppings in it are packed with tons of sugar, sodium and saturated fats. Frozen pizza, especially contains insane levels of sodium which is one of the most unhealthy foods as it increases the blood pressure. Did you know that a single 12 inch pepperoni pizza contains over 3,000 mg of sodium which is well over the mark of the everyday recommended amount of 2,000 mg?

2. Potato Chips
Salty snack foods like potato chips and pretzels rank high on the list of foods that high BP patients should avoid. They are bad not just because they are high in salt, trans fats and calories but they also contain certain chemicals which increase the chances of developing cancer. Its extremely high sodium levels increase weight and hypertension both of which are horrible conditions for heart health. Downing packets of chips and unhealthy salty snacks is something we are all guilty of. But making the simple switch to low sodium varieties of snacks will make a massive difference while keeping your heart in top notch condition.

3. Deli Meats
Deli meats like cold cuts, bologna and ham are packed with unhealthy amounts of fat and salt. Other than that they also contain harmful preservatives like nitrites that are added in them to increase their shelf life. They are manufactured by curing the meats along with preserving and seasoning them with a huge amount of salt. This makes them taste more appealing to the customers. Just 2 bologna slices contain over 900 mgs of salt which, as we have told you earlier, is not good news for anyone looking to manage high blood pressure.

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