20 Effortless Healthy Food Swaps To Cut Thousands Of Calories

Are open faced sandwiches the answer? How does a corn tortilla make a difference without compromising taste? Is boiling food better than frying them? Today we will be talking about food swaps that’ll kickstart your journey to a happier and healthier life!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Sweeten with Cinnamon Not Sugar – :00:51
2. Choose Fresh Fruits Over Dehydrated Ones – 01:21
3. Sip Seltzer Not Soda – 01:51
4. Swap White Pasta For Whole Wheat – 02:15
5. Choose Cauli Rice Over White Rice -02:41
6. Go For Greek Yogurt Instead Of Low Fat – 03:13
7. Zoodles Over Noodles – 03:39
8. Boil Or Poach Eggs Instead Of Frying Them – 04:08
9. Eat Whole Fruits Instead Of Juice – 04:40
10. Spread Mashed Berries And Not Regular Jams On Bread – 05:05
11. Eat Grilled Chicken Breasts Instead Of Breaded Chicken Tenders – 05:30
12. Drink Chocolate Milk Instead Of Chocolate Milk Shake – 06:01
13. Choose The Right Pizza Crust – 06:37
14. Swap Regular Chips With Veggies And Dips – 07:02
15. Satisfy Sweet Tooth With Frozen Grapes Rather Than Ice Lollies – 07:29:
16. Prepare Red Sauce Pasta Not White Sauce – :07:58
17. Go For Merlot Over Margarita During Happy Hours – 08:38
18. Marinate Meats In Mustard Not BBQ Sauce – :09:09
19. Ditch White Bread For Rye Bread – 09:45
20. Choose Dark Chocolate Over Milk Chocolate – 10:17


1. Sweeten With Cinnamon Not Sugar
Starting off with one of the most obvious steps any diet requires you to implement. Cutting down on sugar. But what about those sudden sweet cravings? Cinnamon has a hint of sweetness to it which can trick your brain into thinking you are having something sweet and that intense craving will be successfully managed. Sprinkle some cinnamon on porridge or sweet oats for a healthier alternative to sugar.

2. Choose Fresh Fruit Over Dehydrated
Dehydrated fruit is healthy. It’s said to contain as many nutrients as whole fresh fruit. However, if calorie cutting is your aim then dehydrated fruit should be skipped.

3. Sip Seltzer Not Soda
Did you know that a glass of seltzer water with a drop of lemon wedge is zero calories while a can of coke contains 140 calories? If you have been thinking about making the switch to healthy eating, soda is another thing you need to quit. Making the switch to seltzer water will ease up this process and satisfy the cravings for drinking soda.

4. Swap White Pasta For Whole Wheat
Regular white pasta is something you must steer clear of. Stripped of nutrients and made from refined carbs, it adds some serious calories per serving. On the other hand making the switch to whole wheat pasta will prove to be a much more nutritious option. As opposed to white pasta, it contains complex carbs, fiber, protein, zinc and iron.

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