October 16, 2021


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Best Workout Routine for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle and Get Big

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Are you one of the skinny guys who’ve been wanting to build muscle and get big but for some reason can’t? One thing’s for sure–you are not alone. This video guide is all about a workout split that’s designed to add quality muscle mass to your frame.


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In a nutshell:

We will also be talking briefly about some common pitfalls you’d want to avoid for the entire process, such as lifting extremely heavy weights just to “speed up” results.

And of course, we will be talking about exercises specific to certain muscle groups, such as incline bench press and weighted parallel bar dips for the chest muscles.

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A Skinny Guy Muscle-Building Workout Program
This workout routine is made in a way that each day focuses on a single muscle group.

In doing so, you can give each part an equal and enough amount of training.

Plus, this lets you have ample recovery time so you can avoid overtraining.

At the start of the week when you’re fully rested, you’ll be focusing on larger muscle groups.

Then, later in the week, it tapers down to the smaller muscle groups.

There will be 2 rest days per week so you can fully recover.

Abs workouts should be done 3x per week and moderate-intensity cardio should be done 1-2x per week.

Common mistakes to avoid
1. Getting extra calories from shake.
Guys looking to gain size almost always resort to drinking weight gainer shakes.

The typical mindset is that by consuming additional calories from shakes, you can gain weight and it’ll be mostly muscles.

The thing is, mixing some sugar and fat-laden powder into a shake and drinking it 3x a day will only make you gain fat.

2. Eating just whatever you want.
If you’re thinking that muscle-building plans are a good excuse to eat mindlessly, well, you’re wrong.

Inevitably, you’ll only gain fat and not the lean muscles you originally sought after.

Rather than indulging in ice cream and pizza, eat lean protein and healthy carbs.

Increase the amount to reach a higher calorie intake.

3. Lifting super-duper heavyweights.
The secret’s out–increased resistance results in an increase in muscle hypertrophy.

However, this only applies when you maintain good form throughout.

Lifting more weights than you can handle will likely result in injury.


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